Treatment of sterility for men

Treatment of sterility for men

Treatment of sterility for menSterility men have the state that can be conditioned by plenty of reasons. If reasons of masculine sterility are known, application of rational treatment is possible. In other cases, when reasons of masculine sterility remain obscure, empiric methods that proved the sufficient efficiency in practice or auxiliary reproductive technologies can be used.

In an order to get an effect from medicinal therapy in the plan of stimulation of spermatogenesis, treatment of sterility for men must be protracted and continuous. As to last ripening of spermatozoon about 65 days, a curative course must be this not less term, thus, if he limits three for months, it is impossible to carry conviction, that will be attained maximal effect. It is necessary, that from the beginning a man realized a necessity what only the protracted continuous treatment of sterility gives an opportunity to attain a result in the plan of improvement of indexes spermograma.

First totals it is necessary to work out the not earlier than in 3-4 months, and the real results of treatment can become obvious after 7-8 months of continuous treatment of masculine sterility, that serves as founding for an optimistic prognosis in the plan of offensive of pregnancy for a partner. However control of parameters of sperm and hormones of blood in more early terms allows avoiding the wrong way in treatment of masculine sterility and in good time produce adjustment of setting, what the specialists of web-site talk about.

What does need to be used for treatment?

Treatment of sterility for men it is always expedient to begin with general organizational and curative measures: it is necessary to remove productive and domestic to harmfulness, that can render negative influence on the masculine reproductive system, to put right the normal rhythm of labor and rest, valuable feed, provide treatment of concomitant diseases, put in order the rhythm of sexual life, according to recommendations of web-site of

Rare sexual contacts assist the increase of amount of sperm and concentration of spermatozoa, but can result in the increase of pathological forms and decline of mobility; at a short period abstention can appear insufficient amount of spermatozoa in ejaculate.


–             At insufficiency of hypothalamus (it is situated in a cerebrum) apply preparations of gonadoprin-rilising hormones. The impulses of gonadoprin-rilising hormone strengthen education and freeing in the hypophys of gonadotropic hormones (luteinizing hormone), that, in turn, stimulate the products of masculine sexual hormones (orchid hormone) and ripening of spermatozoa in testicles. As an alternative application of preparations of horonistik gonadotropin and climax gonadotropin is possible.

–             At the deficit of hormones of hypophys (ductless gland being situated in a cerebrum) – luteinizing hormone and luteinizing hormone come running to alternative therapy preparations of these hormones.

–             At surplus in the organism of man of woman sexual hormones – estrogens, – apply the so-called anti estrogen preparations.

–             Application of preparations – inhibitors of aromatase at sterility, – it can be useful for men suffering obesity.

–          When sterility is related to the excessive products of prolactin, preparations rendering braking influence on formation of prolactin are effective.