Orchitis, epidimite and orchiepididymis

Orchitis, epidimite and orchiepididymis

Before we will tell you about the orchitis pathologies, we must write about the function, which it performed. Under the unsuitable conditions such organ, as testicle, will tend to be inflamed.

Testis – are paired glands, that produce testosterone hormone and sperm, which can regulate the maturation. Such inflammation is called “orchitis”.

The reasons for disease


The causes of testis inflammation are injuries, mumps and infectious diseases. But not every urologist can agree, that such causes the most widely spread. Here we must underline that such diseases can be sexually transmitted.

A lot of doctors say, that the causes of disease are ureaplasma, mycoplasma, staphylococcs and streptococcs. But the person, who learn everything about such pathology, wouldn’t understand such reasons. In case of orchitis or orhoepididimit the main causative organism can be trichomonas. Also this illness can be the result of trichomoniasis.

The aforementioned microbes can have secondary role in the process. Remember, that wrong diagnosis can be the real problem for patient.

The main symptoms

Orchitis and epididymitis often occur together, such process is called orchiepididymis. Symptoms of orchiepididymis will be a sharp pain in the testicles, aggravated by walking. It can radiate to the lower back, in this case the abdomen and the testicles can increase in 2-3 times.

It will be much worse, if the inflammatory process is bilateral. Such symptoms are the reason for emergency visit to a doctor. Sometimes it would be better to come to dermatologist or urologist.


If you understand, that you have the symptoms of epidimite, you must come to doctor and make the analysis. When he will take the results, he will understand, what is the problem and what he must do to solve it.

It is also necessary to do an ultrasound of the testicles and prostate, which will help to determine the extent and lesions localizations, exclusion of testicular cancer. If you wish to diagnose the severity of the process, you must make the total blood count analysis and urinalysis.

We believe, that urine culture on the flora with definition of sensitivity to antibiotics wouldn’t give us reliable results, because the germ in the body and outside it – are two different things. In any case, doctor will assign the broad-spectrum antibiotics. But the another deal is to examine the urine microscopic method for detection of trichomonas.

Pay attention, that your sex partner must also be examined by dermatologist or gynecologist. That is because in such situation the diseases can be sexually transmitted. It will be a good idea, if you decide to submit a blood test for hepatitis, HIV and syphilis.

The treatment of orhoepididymis

If you want to get the best treatment, you must do it in the hospital. The earlier you make it the better result you have. One of the main thing to avoid sclerosis of the testicle is to replace the normal tissue at the scar and then change it in the second side.

Treatment involves three main tasks:

  • The removing of inflammation.
  • Resorption of the hearth.
  • Restoring organ function and elimination of pathogens from the body.

After such tasks providing it is necessary to make a supporting bandage with Vishnevskogo ointment. Then it is necessary to take the antibiotics of broad-spectrum, nonsteroidal inflammatory drugs and antimicrobial drugs, as trihopol.

If you will use such treatment, you can be sure, that your health comes back and now you are the happiest person in the world. But to have such confidence, it is rather important to have a professional doctor with great work experience.