Enjoy your best sexual intercourse


Enjoy your best sexual intercourseIt is believed that neurological problems may be a reason for erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders. In this case Viagra turns to be useless. First we need to eliminate the initial reason. Scientists found that psychological factors are even more important than it was considered before. According to the results of a latest study nerve damage accompanied a sexual disorder in case of 70% examinees. Even the connection with heart diseases is less obvious than neurological reasons for erectile dysfunction. Researchers think that findings may be verified and observed again, but in general they look relevant.

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How to recognize the nerve damage?

Neurological patients may feel excitement or fever for a long time, not paying attention to these unpleasant symptoms. But if there is a sudden or a long pain, which came without any objective reasons, it is surely worth visiting a physician. After medical examination a doctor will define your state and diagnosis. If you surprisingly faced with erectile dysfunction and neurological problems, these states certainly have a connection between them. Initial stage allows to resort such sexual disorder easily, but do not postpone a visit to a therapist and medical examinations. Moreover, nerve damage can cause other serious effects and lead to unpleasant consequences (not only erectile dysfunction).

Sexual disorder symptoms are cause-specific in all cases, including neurological problems. Damaged nerves may affect brain and make harm throughout the whole body. They may disturb urinary bladder, cause angina and chest pain (resembled with heart attack). Erectile dysfunction is just one of the symptoms, but not less dangerous. Intensive perspiration may signal neurological problems. Dry skin, lips or eyes are also definite indicators. The damaging of motor nerves may cause muscle weakening and even paralysis.

Reasons for Nerve Damage

It is known that nerve cells send different signals to the brain. Thus we may feel satisfaction or pain and experience better perception of various motions. It is obvious that communicative disturbances in nerve system may decrease sexual vigor and ruin reproductive health. When the nerve cells are damaged, the signal system does not function properly, signs may be sent not to the right place, with no reason or purpose.

The damage of neurological system may be connected with physical state, medication side-effects or be caused by serious disorders (like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and other problems). Some drugs may damage the nerves not less than tobacco or alcohol.

Permanent stress, deficiency of necessary macronutrients and vitamins, hormone fluctuation may lead to similar problems. If you want to keep a healthy state of your nerve system, maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and enjoy your erection.


To eliminate initial reasons and the above symptoms of sexual disorder a man should keep calm in any condition and situation. Healthy lifestyle helps  to control and regulate level of sugar in blood, but of course we should also eat the right meal to correct deficiencies of necessary vitamins and macronutrients. If a doctor insists, refuse harmful medications and try surgery or physical therapy. For weakening the pain your physician may prescribe some special drugs. Hardly will you have a strong erection and sexual vigor, if the underlying reason is physical. Even if the damage of nerve system is severe, a man can restore potency and return to a happy sexual life.

One of treatment options available over-the-counter is 20 mg cialis. If sexual dysfunction was caused by neurological problems, treat the initial reason first, but while you are taking therapy, try some useful medication for physical stimulation as well. Of course, in all cases related to the particular nerve damage medical treatment options should be consulted with a doctor.

Remember that professional help is very important. Trust your doctor and do not get rid of sexual life because of erectile difficulties or other problems with health. Be sure, that the sexual life will be recovered, when you solve neurological problems.

More information about erectile dysfunction treatment is available on website http://www.webmd.com/.

Orchitis, epidimite and orchiepididymis

Before we will tell you about the orchitis pathologies, we must write about the function, which it performed. Under the unsuitable conditions such organ, as testicle, will tend to be inflamed.

Testis – are paired glands, that produce testosterone hormone and sperm, which can regulate the maturation. Such inflammation is called “orchitis”.

The reasons for disease


The causes of testis inflammation are injuries, mumps and infectious diseases. But not every urologist can agree, that such causes the most widely spread. Here we must underline that such diseases can be sexually transmitted.

A lot of doctors say, that the causes of disease are ureaplasma, mycoplasma, staphylococcs and streptococcs. But the person, who learn everything about such pathology, wouldn’t understand such reasons. In case of orchitis or orhoepididimit the main causative organism can be trichomonas. Also this illness can be the result of trichomoniasis.

The aforementioned microbes can have secondary role in the process. Remember, that wrong diagnosis can be the real problem for patient.

The main symptoms

Orchitis and epididymitis often occur together, such process is called orchiepididymis. Symptoms of orchiepididymis will be a sharp pain in the testicles, aggravated by walking. It can radiate to the lower back, in this case the abdomen and the testicles can increase in 2-3 times.

It will be much worse, if the inflammatory process is bilateral. Such symptoms are the reason for emergency visit to a doctor. Sometimes it would be better to come to dermatologist or urologist.


If you understand, that you have the symptoms of epidimite, you must come to doctor and make the analysis. When he will take the results, he will understand, what is the problem and what he must do to solve it.

It is also necessary to do an ultrasound of the testicles and prostate, which will help to determine the extent and lesions localizations, exclusion of testicular cancer. If you wish to diagnose the severity of the process, you must make the total blood count analysis and urinalysis.

We believe, that urine culture on the flora with definition of sensitivity to antibiotics wouldn’t give us reliable results, because the germ in the body and outside it – are two different things. In any case, doctor will assign the broad-spectrum antibiotics. But the another deal is to examine the urine microscopic method for detection of trichomonas.

Pay attention, that your sex partner must also be examined by dermatologist or gynecologist. That is because in such situation the diseases can be sexually transmitted. It will be a good idea, if you decide to submit a blood test for hepatitis, HIV and syphilis.

The treatment of orhoepididymis

If you want to get the best treatment, you must do it in the hospital. The earlier you make it the better result you have. One of the main thing to avoid sclerosis of the testicle is to replace the normal tissue at the scar and then change it in the second side.

Treatment involves three main tasks:

  • The removing of inflammation.
  • Resorption of the hearth.
  • Restoring organ function and elimination of pathogens from the body.

After such tasks providing it is necessary to make a supporting bandage with Vishnevskogo ointment. Then it is necessary to take the antibiotics of broad-spectrum, nonsteroidal inflammatory drugs and antimicrobial drugs, as trihopol.

If you will use such treatment, you can be sure, that your health comes back and now you are the happiest person in the world. But to have such confidence, it is rather important to have a professional doctor with great work experience.

Treatment of sterility for men

Treatment of sterility for menSterility men have the state that can be conditioned by plenty of reasons. If reasons of masculine sterility are known, application of rational treatment is possible. In other cases, when reasons of masculine sterility remain obscure, empiric methods that proved the sufficient efficiency in practice or auxiliary reproductive technologies can be used.

In an order to get an effect from medicinal therapy in the plan of stimulation of spermatogenesis, treatment of sterility for men must be protracted and continuous. As to last ripening of spermatozoon about 65 days, a curative course must be this not less term, thus, if he limits three for months, it is impossible to carry conviction, that will be attained maximal effect. It is necessary, that from the beginning a man realized a necessity what only the protracted continuous treatment of sterility gives an opportunity to attain a result in the plan of improvement of indexes spermograma.

First totals it is necessary to work out the not earlier than in 3-4 months, and the real results of treatment can become obvious after 7-8 months of continuous treatment of masculine sterility, that serves as founding for an optimistic prognosis in the plan of offensive of pregnancy for a partner. However control of parameters of sperm and hormones of blood in more early terms allows avoiding the wrong way in treatment of masculine sterility and in good time produce adjustment of setting, what the specialists of web-site http://americanpregnancy.org/ talk about.

What does need to be used for treatment?

Treatment of sterility for men it is always expedient to begin with general organizational and curative measures: it is necessary to remove productive and domestic to harmfulness, that can render negative influence on the masculine reproductive system, to put right the normal rhythm of labor and rest, valuable feed, provide treatment of concomitant diseases, put in order the rhythm of sexual life, according to recommendations of web-site of http://www.uptodate.com

Rare sexual contacts assist the increase of amount of sperm and concentration of spermatozoa, but can result in the increase of pathological forms and decline of mobility; at a short period abstention can appear insufficient amount of spermatozoa in ejaculate.


–             At insufficiency of hypothalamus (it is situated in a cerebrum) apply preparations of gonadoprin-rilising hormones. The impulses of gonadoprin-rilising hormone strengthen education and freeing in the hypophys of gonadotropic hormones (luteinizing hormone), that, in turn, stimulate the products of masculine sexual hormones (orchid hormone) and ripening of spermatozoa in testicles. As an alternative application of preparations of horonistik gonadotropin and climax gonadotropin is possible.

–             At the deficit of hormones of hypophys (ductless gland being situated in a cerebrum) – luteinizing hormone and luteinizing hormone come running to alternative therapy preparations of these hormones.

–             At surplus in the organism of man of woman sexual hormones – estrogens, – apply the so-called anti estrogen preparations.

–             Application of preparations – inhibitors of aromatase at sterility, – it can be useful for men suffering obesity.

–          When sterility is related to the excessive products of prolactin, preparations rendering braking influence on formation of prolactin are effective.